My People, My Strength

We all aspire to be a leader in our own respective fields. Many see leadership as power, being in command.

More than power, leadership is hard work and responsibility. Our leaders today worked their way to success. They invested time, dedication, and willpower to be who they are. It is not something that you wish your fairy godmother for and instantly you become one. Over time, leaders have mastered the ability to inspire and motivate people and gain influence over them.

To be a leader is not an easy task, especially in times of transition or change. Leadership towards change is one of the hardest phases in the journey. Leaders must not only take three steps ahead of their people but must also guide each member of the team as they transition and adapt themselves to change.

The crisis the world is facing now is a tough challenge for all global leaders. It is a perfect example of what a leader’s responsibility is to change. Apart from personally adjusting themselves to the “new normal”, leaders must make sure that the people they lead are able to adapt to the new norm. Leaders must be resilient to be able to inspire and keep hope alive. He or she must be the face of strength and hope.

In my line of work as a motivational and leadership coach, I have seen leaders face challenging times. There were some who felt like giving up. That is normal, before becoming a leader, you are a human being. It is a natural reaction to have fear anxiety or fear when faced with adversity. However, do not focus on the weakness, but on the strength. A leader’s strength is in the people he leads. For as long as you have the confidence and respect of your team, everything will work out for the good. Your team is the motivating factor for a leader to keep on going and continue to seek wisdom to overcome the challenge. A good leader never says “I.” It is always for the “we” or “us.”

Knowing that a greater majority is dependent on you is enough reason for a leader to put up a fight and rise up to the occasion. That is what makes a good leader.

Change cannot be put on people. The best way to instill change is to do it with them. Create it with them. – Lisa Bodell

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