A Passing Phase

The whole world is currently in a crisis. I see no need to expound on this because I am certain that you know perfectly well the crisis we are in.

We all dread tough times. If we will have our way, we want to avoid and keep on hoping that it will not happen. However, crisis is a part of our lives, it is part of our growth as individuals and that is the way the cookie crumbles.

The situation we are all in now is something no one saw coming. We were not prepared for its magnitude and personally, I didn’t realize the gravity of its effect on millions of lives until I experienced it myself.

People say that the toughest journey has the sweetest victory. I believe so too. Undeniably, we are facing our toughest journey so far. However, I want to look at this as a passage to something bigger and better for all of us in the end. It is not easy but as long as we hold on and keep fighting, success is not far behind.

Our Leadership business is one of the many affected by this pandemic. Instead of hanging our boots and calling it a day we are doing the exact opposite. It is at this time that we should keep motivating and inspiring people to keep holding and moving on. I want to send the message across and be the voice that will keep the fire burning to as many people I can reach. I want to go beyond leaders or business owners. I want my message of hope to resonate to people from all walks of life and nationalities. That is what we need in the midst of our problems.

Allow me to enter your homes and speak to you. Let the Journeys of Inspiration podcast carry you through this crisis until we reach our victories in life.

Our journey is not going to be easy. We will work our way through on what is coming and once all these are over, we will all look back and be amazed at how much we learned and grew from all these. Keep the hope alive and we will all emerge victorious in the end.

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