Embrace Change to Grow

We always hear that the only thing constant in this world is change. One of the changes we all have to bear with, is the so-called “new normal.” No matter how huge this will make an impact in our lives, we have no choice but to live with it to survive.

When a change happens, the initial reaction would be to resist it. I have never seen a unanimous positive reception towards change. There will always be groups who will combat it. Why do people defy change?

People defy change because to change is complicated. You need to make adjustments from the usual to be able to adapt yourself to new habits, new rules and new laws. It pulls you away from your comfort zone.

As a motivational speaker, I help people transition to the changes around them. The message I always communicate is – You have to understand why the change must happen. Embrace the change, do not go against it but go with the flow. It is only in acceptance where you will begin to grow and make that change a success.

Leaders initiate change because they have the influence to inspire and motivate people to the journey of change. However, they alone cannot make the change. The people they lead make the change happen. Leading through change is about leading people.

Once this pandemic is over, we may not go back to how things used to be. To survive means to submit to the new normal, to accept the change and wait for another change that will bring us back to our normal lives.

Stay safe my friends.

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